Monday, May 24, 2010

Taking a break

From Nancy Rudner Lugo

LWVOC members work hard on key issues affecting our community. League members also play hard. Saturday, after the statewide council meeting, League members and friends boarded two boats for a tour on the Winter Park Chain of Lakes, just as the sun was setting and the afternoon breeze kicked up. Tour guides gave the history of the shores of the three lakes. The next day, League members were back on the water. This time they paddled on kayaks and canoes up the Little Wekiva River, after Russ Moncrief explained some of the history of the river and efforts to preserve the Wekiva River Basin. Russ described how the Wekiva Parkway, championed by Lee Constantine in the Florida Senate, was a compromise plan to accommodate growth and preserve the Wekiva River Basin. League members paddled over the crystal clear waters, accompanied by herons, egrets, turtles, and deer.

The League welcomes your suggestions for fun and social activities for the great League members to enjoy one another and all that our great state has to offer.

Nancy Rudner Lugo

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